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Geological Studies and Mining Services

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GEMCO is a groundbreaking geological and mining services having versatile experience in exploration, extraction and handling of geo-materials and industrial minerals. Our goal is to provide the highest added value to our customers in geology, mining and operations through providing appropriate interpretation and analysis to support our clients in decision making. We focus on using our experience in planning and mining operations in order to improve mining process and costs. GEMCO offers comprehensive geological and mining services and deliver both in field and in desktop services to a diverse range of customers who are interested in Geology, Environmental, Mining and Water resources.

Our Mission

We will continue consistently creating sustainable value through the safe and responsible exploration, development and operation of our clients.

Our vision

We are a business inspired by Vision, through excellence safe and secure operations, and sustainable industry practices, and trusting stakeholder partnerships that provide mutual benefits for all.

Our Team

Our team is highly professional, knowledgeable and experienced in most countries in the Middle East and Africa.


Gemco is a private Consultation in Geology and Mining, it’s young ambitious with mission to expand our services across Africa and middle east. We provide services from individual consultancy through turnkey projects. We offer a wide range of technical services; geology, geotechnical, drilling and blasting, ore body modelling, mineral resource estimation, surveying, Mine design, mine planning, quarry operation, water resource investigation, geo-environmental assessments, project management.

Our Service

  • Geology
  • Exploration & Mining
  • Geophysics & Hydrology
  • Environmental Geology
  • Training


We believe that the Safety has long been a high concern especially in the mining business. Mines can be hazardous environments and the possibility, flood, explosion and collapse that has the potential to simultaneously affect a large number of people and operation. Our team following steps to eliminate or reduce the hazard;

  • Don't Ignore the Danger.
  • Always Wear Safety Equipment.
  • Dangerous Tasks Require Planning and Communication.
  • Get Professional Training.
  • Document Your Safety Procedures.
  • Follow the Latest Safety Standards.

Our Gallery

Nile River Delta


Quarry Operation




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