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We understand the vital role of geology in mining industry because it helps to ensure that the minerals are efficiently extracted from the deposit for maximum profit and to locate deposits of important minerals and determine whether the quantities are large enough to make mining economically viable. We have the technical “know-how” and the experience to progress a geological project through all of the required stages.

Geological Studies

  • Desk studies including all publication and studies.
  • Recording the geological field observations to identify the main types of rocks and geological structures.
  • Detailed description of rock exposures to define the time of deposition and depositional environment.
  • Collecting rock samples to perform petrographic and ore-microscopy studies.
  • Geological mapping to identify the lithology and stratigraphic units.
  • Define geological structures and measurements (Faults, Folds, Fractures, lineation…etc.
  • Constructing the structural maps and statistical analysis of structural data.
  • Managing and validating all drilling data (eg. collars, downhole survey, core orientation, geological, structural and geotechnical logging, photography, assay results and specific gravity measurements).
  • Core geological logging analysis and core structural and geotechnical logging.
  • Interpretation of multiple datasets in an integrated 2-Dimensional environment.
  • Generation of Isolines maps to determine the thickness of the subsurface layers.


  • Scanline measurements and analysis with stereo net projection.
  • Landslide mapping and rock fall analysis.
  • Determined the relevant physical/mechanical properties of the soil and rocks.
  • Evaluate the stability of natural slopes and man-made soil deposits.
  • Water content measurements and grain size analysis.