Geophysics and Hydrology

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We believe that in benefit of petro-physical data at an early stage in a project is enhanced three‐dimensional understanding of the geological and geo-mechanical environment in the appropriate time frame to influence major decisions.

  • Assessment of groundwater resources using geophysical methods.
  • Evaluation of various characteristics of the shallow environment, such characteristics are the classification of unconsolidated materials based on their electrical properties.
  • Identification of a lateral and/or vertical freshwater-saltwater boundary, the depth to bedrock.
  • Identification and mapping of groundwater contaminants.
  • Monitoring of reservoir stimulation and enhanced recovery projects.
  • Borehole logging, for determination of in situ physical properties of the borehole wall rocks.


Water is a critical global resource, which requires careful protection and management. Many infrastructure projects, industrial processes or other activities affect groundwater. The study of hydrology in such conditions is often a

precondition for such projects. GEMCO has a full capacity to provide hydrogeological services and evaluate their effects. Our hydrologists work with scientific specialists and engineers to provide a team compliant with your project requirements.